RB Collection


“Service is really good here. Highly recommend them.” M.G. – Allentown, PA

“Thorough, professional, and expert at their work. It’s a pleasure working with Al, Alex & Geoff at RB Collection. My cars are in good hands, and I enjoy them more.” – J.W. – Hillsborough, NJ

“I took my 1940 LaSalle to R&B Collections to have the brakes repared. I was intrested in a possible conversion to disk brakes. Al recommended to let us determin what the problem is, and than make a decision. After proceding with repairs the brakes preformed like new. Thus saving time and cost to make a conversion. While there, I ask Al what could be done to enhasce the paint or are we faced with repainting the car. There were spots that looked like paint was spatterd all over the car. As before, Al sugsted they do some test work than decide. When I saw the result of compounding and polishing a section of a fender, the desision was easy. The car looks like it was repainted. The work they do at R&B is beyond first class it is perfection. Thank you Al for bringing my LaSalle back to life.” – D.W. – Allentown, PA

“I was looking for a classic C-1 Corvette, and was referred to Ruozzi Brothers. I found them to be very professional, helpful, friendly, and honest. Their knowledge about cars is amazing. They take great pride in their impeccable restoration work. They educated me, helped me look at cars for potential purchase, and steered me in the right direction. Before long I had my dream car. They arranged for it to be transported and made the car road ready. They are now completing some other necessary and desired repairs. I couldn’t be happier.” J.S. – Allentown, PA

“I can honestly tell anyone reading these reviews that people at RB Car Collection are the best! I’ve had them work on my vehicles and recently purchased a Ferrari from them and couldn’t be happier. They work with you and treat you the way you want to be treated! Their honesty and integrity is without question. If you’re looking for a car, need your classic or exotic worked on or restored these are your guys. Here’s an example: I recently purchased a Ferrari from them. They took great care in preparing the car for me. After the delivered the car a window switch in the door died and the fuel sending unit had an issue. They took the car back and had everything fully repaired at their own cost!!” S.S. – Fleetwood, PA

“I bought a BMW Z4 and like many RB Collection customers, did not actually see the car until they backed it off the trailer in the street in front of my house. Wonderful service and the entire process was exceptional. The car was exactly as described and we are delighted with it. There was no detail they did not fix and they truly understand the value of superior customer service. This includes replacing a missing key fob, having the BMW service completed and finding the correct owner’s manual. Al was our main contact and he was constantly accessible and very responsive. These are good guys and run a good business. I would recommend them to anyone.” J.H. – Copley, OH

“I purchased a VW Beetle for my wife and never saw it until it arrived after purchasing it. It was exactly as described by Al. This was one of the best buying experiences I have ever had. If they tell you something you can count on it. Al runs a first class operation and I would not hesitate to buy another vehicle from them.” – T.M. – Texas

“These guys are very nice to deal with. I bought a beautiful 1988 Monte SS from them that they had taken in on trade for another car. It was just as flawless as they advertised and described it to me on the phone. I love the car and would recommend them to everyone. Thanks again guys.” – J.S. – Brunswick, PA

RB Collection has marketed and sold four cars and two motorcycles for me and has Concours level prepared a CCCA Full Classic which was awarded Best in Class at a prestigious Concours. I have also purchased a wonderful one owner vintage Ferrari that RB Collection acquired and prepared for me. RB Collection’s performance and professionalism have been exceptional in all ways from the sale and purchase of my vehicles to their research and attention to the finest details on my Concours Classic. Al Ruozzi and their team are true professionals in every meaning of the word. I am pleased to endorse and highly recommend RB Collection! – L.H. – Macungie

The 2000 Harley Deuce is beautiful. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Thank you. – F.S. – New York