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RB Collection, where quality meets efficiency and excellent customer service!

RB Collection meticulously manages each restoration in order to ensure the highest quality and cost-efficiency for our clients.

Every restoration performed is disassembled with care and precision. Each part is carefully inspected, inventoried in our database, and individually stored.

Our restoration process is digitally captured and documented every step of the way.

RB’s onsite welding shop can fabricate or repair any needed metal components. Our restoration techniques include, but are not limited to the following; hammer-and-dolly, pick-and-file, and heat shrinking to ensure panels and fenders match original factory appearance. We avoid any plastic filler materials whenever possible.

We use the latest materials and technology to achieve like new results and easy maintenance on all full restorations. Our craftsmanship and paint quality are comparable to that of today’s factory delivered vehicles. For vintage cars, we do provide original paint lacquers and enamels of the time period to help preserve your classics vintage authenticity.

Every engine is rebuilt in-house, with our highly skilled restoration mechanics working to ensure balance, synchronization, and tuned to perfection.

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