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Year: 1963|


This is a wonderful VW Beetle 1,200 cc was produced on the last year for rag top sunroof and the Wolfsburg crest on the front bonnet. In Ruby Red color and with an original factory sunroof, this car comes with the AutoMuseum Volkswagen certificate from Germany.

This Beetle was bolt by bolt restored in 2008 and everything has either been gone over or replaced with new parts as shocks, steering components, front beam, bushings, bearings, seals, gaskets, entire interior, starter, radial tires, chrome and paint. The brakes have replaced hard lines, flex lines, master cylinder, wheel cylinder and shoes. It has the correct year motor that runs like a top. This motor still has an original distributor, fuel pump and other parts that help maintain the original look. It has a stale air heater system that actually still works well. An auxiliary heater blower has been installed that heats up the interior enough to defrost the windows. It has been converted to 12 volts with a Petronix ignition. The engine and transaxle are running perfectly with a new clutch, seals and axle boots. All of the fenders, doors and hoods are VW German originals. The interior has been redone with the original style upholstery, horse hair padding, door panels, rugs and headliner with the side panels as originals. These interior parts were supplied by Wolfsburg West in California. The trunk compartment is also correct for the time with its paper liners. The jack is the original from 1963. The pan has been rebuilt with new transmission/motor mounts. All bushings and seals have been replaced. Any rust in the pan has been addressed with welde in metal. The car has been thoroughly sound insulated. It also has the vapor barriers to protect the door panels from moisture. All body chrome body moldings have been replaced. The car has real German Hub caps. The bumpers are beautiful exact duplicates of the originals manufactured by Wolfsburg West. It has original VW pop out windows and new old stock mud flaps. The car has an original owner?s manual and a service book. It has an original sales brochure from 1963, roll up tool kit and a set of tools like the ones the factory provided. There is a reproduction of the Hazet round tool box with tools nested in the spare tire. A package tray is mounted in the car.The head light and tail light lenses are original from VW. This is a great opportunity to have a very collectible VW Beetle.