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Plymouth Fury

Year: 1957|Miles: 18,610|Ext: Sand Dune White|Int: Tan|

RB Collection is pleased to offer this outstanding, highly original 1957 Plymouth Fury fresh out of long-term care with a single enthusiastic owner. Finished in Sand Dune White with a gold roof and side-flash, this Fury is a wonderful example of Plymouth’s iconic and sporty flagship coupe, well-preserved in mostly unrestored and original condition. While Plymouth sat at the entry level of the Chrysler lineup, the Fury was Plymouth’s flagship and did not skimp on equipment and features. This car is equipped with the powerful A-series ?polyspheric? V8 with dual carburetors, a robust Torqueflight transmission with push button operation, power steering, and an AM radio.
The body is in excellent condition, the recipient of a good quality partial respray only as needed. The paint is glossy and attractive, while the panel fit and gaps are consistent and exemplary of an unrestored, unmolested original car. The extensive exterior stainless steel and chrome brightwork is also very sound and in good order. A signature of the Fury is the bold flash that sweeps from the tip of the front fenders through the tail fins – trimmed in stainless steel with a gold textured alloy insert. These unique trim parts are all in excellent order on both sides of the car. Other features that set this Fury apart include a gold grille, dual exterior mirrors, smooth-style wheel covers with gold accents, and wide-whitewall bias ply tires for the proper stance and handling characteristics.
Opening the big doors reveals the stylish interior, finished in tan vinyl and fabric upholstery. The interior is believed to be original, with superb seats, carpets, and interior panels. The dash features more bright stainless and chrome trim set into a brown upholstered fascia, with the original instruments, radio and two-tone steering wheel in place. The enormous trunk has plenty of room for a full size spare wheel and a week’s worth of luggage. The original rubber trunk mat is still in place, though it is showing some cracking from age.
Beneath the hood rests the original ?FP31? coded 318 cubic inch V8, which was the standard engine for the high-performance Fury, and exclusive to the Plymouth line for 1957 and 1958. With its dual carburetors, this special V-800 version is rated for a healthy 290 horsepower, helping the Fury live up to its name. The engine bay of our featured car is remarkably well-preserved, with many original decals and labels still intact. Correct silver and gold paint is in good order, and the engine appears tidy and orderly while showing signs of consistent use and proper service.
It is very rare to encounter a 1957 Plymouth Fury in such well-preserved, unrestored condition as this car. It has lived a charmed life in the hands of a dedicated enthusiast, and it is ready for its next caretaker to enjoy in AACA events, club-level shows, or touring in impeccable style and comfort.

When Virgil Exner introduced his ?Forward Look? design language in 1955, he turned American automobile design on its ear. In the matter of a few short years, Exner transformed Chrysler’s cars from stodgy and conservative into America’s most stylish automotive line. The story goes that Chuck Jordan, one of Harley Earl’s junior associates at General Motors, caught a glimpse of the Forward Look cars before they were revealed and raced back to GM with news of what he saw. The response from GM was to scrap their entire upcoming line and order a hasty redesign for fear of being left behind by Chrysler! Ironically, Exner got his inspiration for the Forward Look from General Motors and the 1949 Cadillac’s Lockheed P-38 style tail fins. However, he brought that theme to another level. Throughout the 1950s, he continued to evolve the lineup, with increasingly dramatic lines and Jet-age inspired detailing. The all-new 1957 models debuted with some of the largest and most dramatic tail fins of the era, with heavy use of stainless trim and sweeping body-side treatments. There was no denying the drama of the 1957 Chrysler catalog, which debuted with advertisements declaring ?Suddenly it’s 1960!?

  • Rare 1957 Plymouth Fury
  • Very Original car
  • Original ?FP31? coded 318 cubic inch V8
  • Plymouth’s flagship