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Henney Model 162 Deluxe Funeral Car

Year: 1925|Miles: 8,062|Ext: Black|Int: Black|$59,000|

Almost everybody involved in the old-car hobby has heard one of the fables of finding a rare old car parked in a barn for decades in complete original and unmolested condition. This scenario is exactly what happened with this 1925 Henney. This car was parked for 42 years and it is the oldest known motorized Henney professional car and the sole surviving example of a Meritas-bodie Henney.

The Henney was the first professional-car manufacturer to adopt the latest innovation in automobile-body construction, hailed as “a revolutionary accomplishment in funeral-car coachwork” and called “Meritas Made Bodies”. This type of body construction consisted of a heavy, leather-like fabric which was stretched over wire mesh attached to the body’s wooden framework in lieu of the more common metal panels.

The Model 162 DeLuxe funeral car was the 212th vehicle built by Henney in 1925. Offered for the first time in 1925, the model 162 Deluxe offered a novel three/four door body configuration claimed to have been “new and original in design”. In addition to the normal rear loading door, this new design features two side doors on the right and one- in the front – on the left side.

According to its odometer, the car has only 8,062 miles and it’s powered by a 70 horsepower, 6-cylinder Continental Red Seal 6J engine (#6J 880X).

Complete and unmolested in every detail from its Henney-logo-emblazoned Gordon spare-tire covers, rear-compartment courtesy lights and biers pins, and hand-operated spotlight to its factory-fitted Henney arched floral tray (complete with “H” initials carved into the end caps), and is an all-original vehicle in a amazing state of preservation. As such, it is an exceedingly rare vehicle whose provenance cannot be disputed.

Featured as the cover car at “The Professional Car” magazine, 3nd. Quarter 2019 (#182), the expert Mr. Thomas A. McPherson wrote an extraordinary article, which we based most part of this description, stating that “As we said, we’ve all heard tales of fabulous treasures in a barn, and while true barn finds are rare, this time, when drawing to an inside straight, someone drew an ace!”.

  • Oldest Known Henney
  • Sole Meritas Body survivor
  • Original 8,062 miles
  • Totally unmolested car