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Dodge Wayfarer

Year: 1950|Ext: Ivory|Int: Blue|

This 1950 D-33 Wayfarer Sportabout is a delightful and well-presented example of this seldom-seen model. It has been treated to a fairly comprehensive ground-up restoration within the last decade and it presents in wonderful, driver-quality condition that would not be out of place at a casual show or regional concours. The cream-yellow paintwork is very good, laid down on straight panels that are free of dings or dents. A couple of minor chips and flaws can be found, but nothing that detracts from the overall quality of the car. Body fit is quite good, showing this car was most likely a sound and solid example prior to restoration. As a Sportabout, it features more chrome trim than earlier models, such as body side-moldings that wrap around, rocker moldings and chrome rear-fender splash guards. Chrome bumpers, grille and taillight trims give the little Dodge a decidedly upmarket feel. It is accessorized with a chrome tailpipe deflector and spot lamp while the original steel wheels are adorned with correct full-wheel covers. The car rides on proper bias-ply tires for just the right look and handling.
The interior is trimmed in blue upholstery with body-colored dash and door caps giving the car a charming, almost nautical appeal. The dash is surprisingly well-adorned with full width chrome trim, chrome switchgear and controls for the ventilation, and a fabulous original radio. Square instruments give a unique look and the original clock is still in place on the passenger side. Blue carpets and basic blue door cards are also in excellent condition, and the simple folding top is a breeze to operate, even with one person.
While this Wayfarer is no doubt charming to look at, it really comes into its own on the road. The 230 cubic inch L-head ?six? is a strong runner. It is an incredibly robust unit but also smooth torquey, our example starting easily with no fuss or smoke. The engine is mated to a three-speed Fluid-Drive transmission that allows for clutch-free starts in traffic. RB Collection?s own in-house Fluid-Drive transmission expert has ensured it is properly adjusted and operating smoothly. The presentation of the engine is very good, indicative of a car that has enjoyed some miles since the restoration but remaining largely correct and tidy. The fine quality of the restoration makes this Dodge Wayfarer Sportabout an exceptional value, as it is a well-sorted and very good running example with excellent cosmetics. Rare and endearing, we?re sure you?ll fall for the charms of this Sportabout roadster just as we have.

First appearing in 1949, the Dodge D-29 series was a rather basic machine that lacked some of the technical improvements of its larger siblings in the Chrysler lineup, in spite of being based on the same mid-sized platform. Some of the body panels were shared with Plymouth, but for the most part, Dodge at least had its own unique look ? a simple but charming design with just the right balance of chrome trim. Dodge took a unique approach with the open-topped version, which was a true roadster, doing without a rear seat, and fitted with a rudimentary top and side curtains. It was the first real roadster of the post-war era from an American car company, aimed at young buyers who wanted the fun and style of an open car in a sporty and affordable package. But those buyers proved hard to fine, with 49,054 1949 Dodges sold, just 5420 were roadsters. For 1950, Dodge responded by updating the roadster to the Sportabout, which in essence, added some more stylish trim and roll up windows for convenience, though side curtains were still available as a delete-option. Overall sales were up to 75,000 units but Sportabout sales dropped in spite of the improvements ? finding a mere 2,903 buyers for 1950. Just 9325 Roadsters and Sportabouts were built in its short run, and with low survival rates, they remain very rare today. But thanks to the robust nature of the 230 cubic inch L-head Inline Six and simple mechanical specification, these early post-war Dodges are a simple joy to drive, especially in this fun and stylish Sportabout specification.

  • Only 2,903 produced
  • Sportabouts sepcs – Roadster
  • 230 cubic inline six engine
  • ?High quality driver car