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Chrysler Town & Country

Year: 1947|Ext: Blue|call for price|

RB Collection is pleased to offer this outstanding 1947 Town & Country Sedan; Chrysler?s top of the line offering for ?47 and one of the most luxurious cars of the period. This example comes recently from a local private collection of important American cars and has been both finely restored and exceptionally well maintained in lovely condition. It is finished in highly desirable Newport Blue over a dark red Highlander tartan interior and is highly optioned with the factory roof rack, sun visor, dual spotlights, and fog lamps. This car has been treated to a comprehensive restoration and presents with beautiful quality paintwork and finishing on the wood. The chrome has been restored and presents very well, showing only light signs of ageing.

Inside, the distinct Highland Plaid and red leather is in excellent condition, with a pleasing, slightly broken in nature that is very appealing. The maroon painted dash is fitted with an original radio as well as the optional heater. Controls and switchgear are correct and excellent, and this car features Chrysler?s revolutionary semi-automatic Fluid Drive transmission.

Underhood presentation is very good, with a highly detailed and strong running ?Spitfire? flathead inline six. The Fluid Drive operates as it should and the car behaves beautifully on the road, feeling typically solid and well-built as these cars should. This is a very fine example that does not disappoint, and is ready for touring or regional concours events. Please contact Alex Ruozzi for further information on this outstanding and iconic Chrysler Town & Country.

The Chrysler Town & Country was the first true luxury ?woody? which set the stage for a whole series of competition from GM and Ford through the 1940s and early 1950s. The Town & Country was Chrysler?s premier offering that was often imitated but rarely duplicated. Limited production lasted from 1941 through 1950 until the cost of production became unsustainable. Offered as a sedan, coupe, or convertible, the wood bodies were individually hand-crafted by Pekin Wood Products of Helena, Arkansas. Once completed, they were shipped by train to Chrysler?s Jefferson Avenue plant in Detroit where they were mated to a New Yorker derived chassis and steel panels produced by Briggs, before treated to final assembly and finishing. It was a very costly undertaking which was reflected in the hefty price tag. But despite the price, the Town & Country was a coveted status symbol of the era; a sophisticated and elegant automobile for the upper class. Pre-War and Post-War examples remain highly prized today for their impeccable style and beautiful road manners, and all models through 1948 have earned their place on the list of CCCA Approved Full Classics and are therefore eligible for caravan tours and Grand Classic events.

  • CCCA Full Classic
  • Highly desirable Newport Blue
  • Dark red Highlander tartan interior
  • Highly?optioned