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Austin-Healey 100-4BN1

Year: 1953|Ext: Healey Blue|Int: Blue|$84,000|

RB Collection is pleased to offer this beautiful Austin Healey 100 BN1, a very early-production example that has been comprehensively restored and thoroughly updated in tribute to the high-performance 100M. This is a very early car, reportedly the 96th car built in June of 1953, and it has been in the care of one local owner for the past fifteen years. Presented in gorgeous Healey blue with a blue interior, it is a very attractive car with a general mellowing of the restoration that invites regular enjoyment. Quality of the paintwork is very good, and the car is pleasingly detailed with attractive brightwork and finishing. The cockpit features factory-style blue upholstery and carpets which appear relatively recent and in very good order. For less than perfect days, a restored original top is included. Sitting low on special Dennis Welch Racing suspension and with 60-spoke Dayton wire wheels, a louvered bonnet, and a leather bonnet strap, this Healey has tremendous presence, particularly with the iconic windscreen folded flat against the cowl.
The attractive cosmetics are backed by an impressive technical spec sheet. In the engine bay rests an upgraded 2.6-liter inline four featuring Carillo rods, Arias pistons, Dennis Welch alloy cylinder head, Mallory dual-point distributor, and 100M-spec 1.75-inch SU carburetors. The engine exhales through a custom header and exhaust system, and a competition baffled oil pan ensures even lubrication in hard cornering. To handle the additional power, the drivetrain updates include a Dennis Welch Racing close-ratio 4-speed gearbox and updated overdrive (replacing the archaic original BN1 three-speed), and Quaife limited slip rear differential. Handling is also improved via uprated dampers, a Welch Racing lowering kit, and improved 60-spoke chrome wheels with radial tires.
Numerous other details and performance parts further refine the car into a very effective package. Perfectly enjoyable on the road, it is also very effective on track, turning 1:09 lap times at Lime Rock Park in the hands of the previous owner. The sale includes a comprehensive spares package, as well as the original original chrome wheels, a Welch Racing lowering kit, and various other parts. With a nicely broken-in character to the cosmetics, and well thought-out mechanical upgrades, this marvelous Austin Healey 100 invites regular enjoyment on the road or on track days and club racing events. For more information on this fabulous Healey, please contact Alex Ruozzi at RB Collection.

Donald Healey was an experienced self-promoter who recognize the important role motorsport played in selling his cars. A stunning 3rd overall finish at the 1954 Sebring 12-hour race cemented the new Austin-Healey 100’s reputation in the all-important American market. In response to demand, the factory added a high-performance option to satisfy serious sporting buyers. The 100M of 1955 appealed to those who wanted to use their new Healey in competition, particularly in the burgeoning American club-racing scene. Based on the 2nd series BN2 chassis, the 100M offered a comprehensive performance package with modifications to the engine, chassis, and body. With its fold-flat windscreen and louvered alloy bonnet, the 100 M had a purposeful and aggressive look. Initially, the option could only be had with cars built in the factory at Longbridge and 640 cars left the works with the LeMans package installed. Later, customers could order 100M performance parts as the Le Mans Engine Modification Kit directly through BMC dealers and have the parts retrofit to existing cars or fitted prior to delivery. Today, genuine Longbridge-built 100Ms command a significant premium, however, many enthusiasts have updated their Healeys in tribute to the iconic 100M LeMans.

  • 100M Upgrade;
  • Early production BN1;
  • 4 speed gearbox – overdrive