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Ford V8 Deluxe Convertible Sedan

Year: 1936|Miles: 45,333|Ext: Green|Int: Brown|$39,000|

This 1936 Ford Model 68 Deluxe Convertible Sedan is an outstanding example of the breed, restored to a standard seldom seen on these cars. For the 1936 model year, Ford bucked market trends toward closed cars and continued to offer a wide range of open-topped models. Of the nearly 20,000 open body cars Ford sold that year, just 5,601 were Convertible Sedans, which was among the most expensive of the range. This superb car is undoubtedly one of the finest examples of its kind extant. The earliest history of this car is not currently known, but it is understood this example was discovered by Ford expert Mr. Jack Hogan, who purchased it from the daughter of a long-time owner, a schoolteacher from Pocatello, Idaho. During Mr. Hogan’s ownership, the car received the exacting restoration it currently wears.

Thanks to meticulous care in the hands of subsequent owners, this Ford remains in superb condition today. Finished in a lovely shade of Armory Green over saddle leather and a light tan top, the paintwork is excellent with straight reflections and exemplary panel alignment. Doors shut with the precision of a superb, low mileage car. Details like the brightwork, chrome wheels, and period-correct accessories are all finished to a similarly high standard. The factory deluxe wheels wear Firestone double whitewalls to round out the outstanding presentation.

Inside, brown leather covers the front and rear seats. As a testament to the originality of the car before its restoration, the original back seat cushion was left intact, and it remains in incredibly well-preserved condition today. The remainder of the interior is restored using correct materials and finishes, showing just the slightest signs of use in the seating surfaces. Likewise, under-hood finishing and detailing is superb and highly authentic.

Shortly after the restoration, this Ford earned its AACA Senior Award in a 2002 national competition, and it racked up an impressive number special awards, including the Grand National Dearborn Award in 2004 and several Dearborn Emeritus awards in subsequent years. Despite the time elapsed since its restoration, this remains one of the most outstanding examples of the 1936 Ford Deluxe we have encountered, and we are delighted to offer it for sale today. Now gently mellowed, this superb Ford is ready for enjoyment on tours or for continued success on the show field. However its next owner chooses to use it, we are sure that it will bring many more years of delightful enjoyment. For more information on this or any other vehicle we have on offer, please contact Alex Ruozzi.

In the mid-1930s, Ford Motor Company was on a roll. The gorgeous Lincoln Zephyr enjoyed a point of pride as America’s first commercially successful streamlined car, and its revolutionary styling gradually trickled down through the rest of the product line. Standard Fords also enjoyed the distinction of having the first mass-market V8 engine. With their Zephyr-inspired prow and curvaceous fenders, 1936 Fords are considered to be the prettiest of the pre-war era. Credit for the design goes to Holden Koto of Briggs Manufacturing, the firm responsible for the engineering and construction of most of the bodies for Ford during this period. Mechanically, the car was primarily a carry-over from the 1935 models, but the new front end gave it the feel of an entirely new model. The Model 68 utilized Ford’s now-ubiquitous 221 cubic-inch flathead V8, mounted in a conventional ladder frame. The engine made 85 horsepower in stock form, with exceptional refinement and excellent road manners. Even today, these cars deliver outstanding performance and are a pure delight to drive thanks to the powerful engine, strong brakes, and supple ride.

  • Most expensive Ford model 1936
  • Fully restored
  • Rare Armory Green
  • AACA Senior
  • Grand National Dearborn Award