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Li’l Red Express Pickup

Year: 1979|

The Li’l Red Express Pickup?was introduced by Dodge in March 1978, following the release of such self-proclaimed “adult toys” as the Dodge Warlock. The Warlock had been essentially a showy truck, with the fat tires, bucket seats, and wood trim that had once been popular among muscle car owners; the L?il Red Truck was to be the ?Red Warlock,??but the name changed along the way. ?Engineered for speed as a ?muscle truck?, the Little Red Truck was built on the short-wheelbase (115 inch) Utiline-style half-ton D150 with a 6,050 pound gross vehicle weight, but the real attraction was the high performance 360 V8 breathing through a four-barrel carburetor, pushing power to the ground through a 3.55:1, 9.25 inch rear axle, bereft of most pollution control equipment.?This fully restored truck has only 31,760 original miles and only one owner since new. Under the hood this car is equipped with a matching number 360 CI cam engine, dual-snorkel fresh air intake, chrome valve covers and air cleaner, heavy duty valve springs, cold air induction, and dual exhaust that end behind the cab in great stainless steel stacks.?With its original Windows Sticker, Build Sheet, Owners Manual and Warranty Books this pickup was very well kept, including carpet protection in the trunk.?Also it is fully equipped with power steering and brakes, air conditioning, oil pressure gauge, glove box light, glove box lock, sound control label, exterior cargo lite, AM/FM Radio, cigar lighter and special 3-spoke steeri