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1967 Jeepster Commando

RB Collection is very proud to share the results of our latest full restoration, this rare and fantastic 1967 Kaiser-Jeep “Jeepster” Commando Convertible. The concept of the Jeepster originated in the days of Willys Jeep. It was a sporty off-roader that had all of the utility of a traditional Jeep CJ, but with more equipment and style to appeal to a broader audience. After the demise of Willys, Jeep was sold to Kaiser Corporation who revived the Jeepster in the 1960s. The new C101-chassis was essentially a lengthened CJ, offered in two or four wheel drive and powered by a positively ancient flat-head four-cylinder. Lacking the resources to design a new engine, Kaiser purchased the rights to Buick’s compact and powerful 225 cubic inch V6, which was marketed as the “Dauntless” in Jeep products and provided a much needed boost in power and refinement. The Jeepster was available in a multitude of configurations, with a variety of soft top and hard top arrangements. At the top sat the Commando Convertible Deluxe 4×4 which featured a unique soft top, roll up quarter windows, continental kit, bucket seats and distinct wheel covers.

Two years ago, our client, Mr. G, came to us with the Jeepster pictured below. It was tired and a little dirty, but it was also remarkably solid, complete and with very low miles. It had been in Mr. G’s family since new, his father having purchased it new right here in the Lehigh Valley in 1967. It was also remarkably well-equipped, and as we soon learned, quite a rare example. Our client’s goal was to return it to the condition he remembered when he rode around in it as a kid, and to have the opportunity to share that same joy with his kids and grand kids.

The team at RB Collection carefully disassembled the Jeepster, removing the body to expose the bare frame. From there, every single component was meticulously restored and rebuilt to original factory specification. Every paint finish and marking on the body and and frame was documented and restored. The body was restored to a level that is certainly very beautiful, but not over-restored, as these Jeeps left the factory with some flaws even when new. After hundreds of hours of careful research and painstaking work, this charming Jeepster was returned to original factory specifications, from the correct grained vinyl soft top down to the proper bias-ply tires. Challenges included finding the one supplier in the world that makes the correct color turquoise vinyl for the seats, and ensuring the large and complex folding top works as good as it did when new. Not only does this Jeepster look fabulous, but it drives as well as it looks, thanks in large part to Al Ruozzi’s commitment to perfection and the hard work of the team. RB Collection thanks the countless vendors and suppliers who offered their expertise and knowledge to this project, and of course, to our client who entrusted our team to return his beloved family heirloom to like-new condition. Mr. G and his family are thrilled with the results and we look forward to seeing him cruising the Valley in style!

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