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This is the first Plymouth!


This piece of history represents the first production year for Plymouth and left the assembly line on November 1928. Powered by its original engine (#Q226438), this treasure is an AACA winner (award#W19934). This Plymouth has been meticulously maintained by ???the same family since 1972 and is reported to have the original interior. It has all instruments and gauges working perfectly, drives like new and has all tools and books available, including: original instruction book, starting handle, tool kit and tire hand pump.

The level of authenticity and originality of this Plymouth is superb as well as body, paint and chrome. The rear suicide doors give a very elegant look to this fantastic car and make it super easy to get in and out of.

Plymouth also equipped this model with four wheel internal expanding drum hydraulic brakes and full pressure lubrication.

As part of a serious collection, extensive and detailed maintenance records are available (since 1972) as well as many extra parts gathered exclusively for this car.

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