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American Car Collector Profiles FORD PICKUP

A decade ago, $10K would’ve bought a top-level truck. Today, $10K is the entry fee for a respectable driver.

This Ford pickup has been through a lot. It’s had an frame-off restoration that is reported to be “factor original” with a new interior and “perfect” headliner and chrome throughout. The vehicle has new hubcaps. The engine has a glass bowl Holley carburetor.

From F-1 to Infinity

The F-series was launched in 1948 as Ford’s new post-war truck. It was introduced on January 16 – a full five months before Ford’s new post-war cars hit the market.

Mr. Ford was always of the opinion that a four was more economical and a V8 more durable than a six. However, everyone else in the?industry?has a six, and Ford’s V8 was considered by frugal buyers as too?thirsty. Despite what Henry thought of it, his company’s 226-ci six sold in reasonable numbers, and even saw use during World War II in Ford’s 1 1/4-ton “Burma Jeep” Navy tactical trucks.Starting with these post-war trucks, Fords has easy-to-remember and marketable model designations that they wore in chrome on their flanks. But although the evergreen flathead V8 and flathead six engines were basically the same, the rest of the truck was all new, continuing?essentially?unchanged into 1950.

Ford was unique in the pickup truck area, as it offered two different engines in its line. First was the venerable flathead V8 – the only choice from 1934 to 1940. In 1941, the company introduced its first 6-cylinder engine, mostly to
Henry Ford’s consternation.

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