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Lehigh Valley Style

The Ruozzi brothers sell time machines. In brown leather shoes and fitted suit jackets, and speaking in accents that meld Italian and Brazilian linguistic ticks, Al and Alex Ruozzi seem more like characters in La Dolce Vita than your greasy neighborhood mechanic. But maybe that?s appropriate, given the type of cars they restore.

The Ruozzi brothers deal with only the finest cars, cars which represent engineering feats and workmanship of their era, cars which evoke memories of another time just as vividly as a photograph. For two decades in two hemispheres, the Ruozzi brothers have bought, restored and sold hundreds of cars, and they?ve stood over each one as meticulously as if it were a patient on an operating table.

It was only recently, though, that have they been able to devote their full energy to it, setting aside much of their other responsibilities and putting their primary focus on car repair.

Understanding the Ruozzi brothers? perspective on restoration may be as simple as knowing their definition of a ?classic? car. They don?t have one. Al spoke of the theoretical designations people make for classic cars: the Classic Car Club of America says a classic is 20 to 40 years old, and anything older is an antique.

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Lehigh Valley Style<