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Ferrari 308 GTB Supercharged

Year: 1978|Miles: 28,468|Ext: Black|Int: Red|$79,000|

The 308 series was one of the most successful models in Ferrari’s history. This legend of the 70s and 80s had beautiful Pininfarina lines, a sonorous and free-revving 3-liter V8 and a delectable chassis that gave it kart-like handing ability. Despite its impressive ability, some owners felt the 308 needed one more thing to bring it up to perfection: more power. While Ferrari addressed this with various updates to the 3.0 liter V8 through the years (four valve heads, fuel injection, among others) some owners simply weren’t satisfied with what the factory delivered and went to the aftermarket to find that extra grunt. In the case of this exquisite 1978 308 GTB, the previous owner found that the excellent chassis could handle a lot more power than even Ferrari could provide, and unimpressed with power-adding kits that were commercially available, he set to work designing his own components and obsessively modifying and improving this car with the goal of creating the ultimate 308.
That owner, Wil de Groot – NJ Chapter President, FCA Penn-Jersey Region, and partner of Exoticars USA, an experienced professional Ferrari mechanic, went in search of a car he could enjoy on track days and spirited driving events. Reluctant to cut up an original car, he located this car in New Mexico which was sound and well maintained. The car was mechanically stock, solid and an excellent basis for his vision. From there, the project took off with the addition of a completely bespoke supercharger system. A Lysholm-type blower was installed on the 308 engine with custom designed intake manifolds, beautifully fabricated air-to-water heat exchanger plenums and carefully routed plumbing. Great care was taken to ensure engine compartment temps are kept under control and that the charge remains cool for maximum power via the front-mounted intercooler. Careful attention was also paid to reliability as well as performance and at 6 psi of boost, this remarkable 308 produces a heady 385 horsepower and 289 ft-lbs of torque.
As the engine was transformed, the chassis was suitably upgraded to handle the additional power. Porsche 996 Turbo “big red” calipers and rotors provide incredible stopping power, with cockpit adjustable bias to dial it in perfectly while on track. Springs and dampers were also uprated with only the finest, high-quality components; while the sway bars and bushings were all improved as well. The finishing touch is a set of custom made 17-inch Kinesis alloy wheels, which accounted for $14,000 on their own! The car now handles beautifully with a slightly stiffer ride than stock, returning positive feedback without being jarring or excessively rigid.


A full article in Forza Magazine (Issue 115) details the remarkable level of care, quality and skill that went into the modifications. We are honored to offer this amazing Ferrari 308 and can attest to its impeccable quality and obsessive level of detailing that went into every nut bolt and fastener. The black paintwork is in excellent condition, showing virtually no flaws to speak of with straight, properly aligned bodywork. The red leather interior is in fine original condition, showing some light wear on the seat bolsters as would be expected from a well-kept original car. Door panels, carpets and instruments are also in very good condition with a few appropriate mods to keep an eye on vital conditions under the hood. Four point harnesses are fitted for both driver and passenger, and the modifications that carry over to the interior are as beautifully executed as the rest of the car.
As expected, performance is simply electric. This car is a thrill to drive and it feels every bit as well engineered as a standard example. It is not finicky or difficult to run, and the workmanship is outstanding. This is an incredible, one-of-a-kind Ferrari 308 that combines the best attributes of the original, with a brilliantly executed array of components that beautifully enhance what we already love about the legendary 308.

  • 308 GTB
  • Supercharged engine
  • Featured in Forza Magazine (issue 15)
  • One-of-a-kind Ferrari 308